Are You Having Annoying, Painful and Relentless Elbow Pain?

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Elbow Pain Specialist in Madison, NJ

Let's be real, how long have you actually been dealing with the nagging elbow pain? Weeks? Months? Years?

You are not alone!

You'd be surprised by the amount of patients that come in to see us who are a part of the "Elbow Pain club." At the end of the day, elbow pain in any sort is not fun. It can affect your ability to do everyday activities, things like driving, doing laundry and making dinner can feel close to impossible.

Chronic pain may not be so permanent after all! With our expert tips and tricks as well as our At Home Exercise Program, you'll have that elbow back in drive in no time.

So why are you experiencing this pain?

Let's talk Tennis. The pain is most likely due to repetitive strain to the tendons in the upper forearm near the elbow. Better known as tennis elbow, this may be whats causing your pain. Believe it or not, most people who experience tennis elbow, don't even play tennis! It could be from gardening, weightlifting, typing or clicking your mouse, emptying the dishwasher or even walking your dog. Tennis elbow chooses you regardless of your choice of activity!

Our Solution may actually improve more than just your Tennis Game!

So we've ruled it out. Your Elbow is on fire. Okay, great! Step one complete; Pain is in full force. Yeah, you could take some Advil for the pain, you could wrap it up with a band, or you could ice it. But all of these things are remedies for symptoms and not going to fix the root of your problem. So, how might one fix the root of elbow pain? Stop playing tennis! Just kidding, that's not how we roll. We're going to take your tennis game to the next level. We work by strengthening the muscles you frequently use in your elbow so that when you get back into gardening, tennis or whatever it is you love to do, you're stronger than ever before.

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Where To Go From Here?

The best thing to do is to get assessed through a consultation with one of our top tier therapists. If your not ready for that step, no problem! Sign up for our At Home excersize program and see what happens! If the pain persists, you can find us at 111 Kings Road in Madison NJ.