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Golf is not only a game of precision, but also of strength and power. A person who truly invests their time in the sport needs endurance, flexibility, mental-fortitude, and yes, some resemblance of skill. Yet, knowing all this why do golfers still tend to neglect their physical well-being? 

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Why Is Golf A Sport?

Despite the cover of my book, the true message that I wanted to convey is that golf most certain IS a sport. For far too long, individuals have labeled it as a hobby or something that people play when they are old. But golf is a true test of skill, strength, precision, and mental fortitude. And if one is not properly trained golf can lead to major injuries. All of these reasons and many more discussed in this book are why golf is not only a sport, but a way of life..  

Do I Need To Go See My Doctor Before Beginning PT?

Nope! If you're just getting started give us a call and schedule your free golf assessment.

Why do I need strength in golf?

Traditionally, golf may not have been looked at as a sport that required all that much strength. On the contrary, strength is crucial in golf, as long as you are strengthening the correct muscles. Progressions in golf technology with large clubs, faster clubhead speeds, and increased torque on your body; there is a need for strength as a stabilizing factor that prevents injury.  

When you claim your offer you will receive a digital copy of Dr. Jay's "Golf Is Not A Sport".

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